Beer Pong Balls, 48 pack, 38mm

Rest assured that Sportly® makes beer pong balls that are the ideal size and shape for sinking into your competitor’s last red solo cup. Our balls undergo quality testing to make sure they have just the right bounce and do not get damaged or dented right away. These balls fit well in your hands and go exactly where you want them to go. Keep your aim on point by always using Sportly® beer pong balls!

  • JUST ENOUGH BOUNCE: Sportly® knows that having just the right amount of bounce in your balls can make the difference between having a good night and having a bad night. Our beer pong balls give just the right lift to spring comfortably into a red solo cup.
  • SPECIAL WHITE SURFACE: We have created a super smooth, white surface which resists adherence to dust and lint. It’s blank quality also makes it ideal for use in crafts and art projects for kids and adults of all ages.
  • THE PERFECT SIZE: Our ping pong balls are circular with a perfect one inch circumference, which makes them ideal for games and sports of all kinds. Though not intended for regulation table tennis, you can even use them to play ping pong.
  • MADE TO BE HIGH QUALITY: Sportly® has created ping pong balls from top quality celluloid. They resist crushing and dents, and are made to withstand hours of play. Use them for all kinds of carnival play, party games, and decorations!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Sportly® stands behind our products. If for whatever reason you are not fully pleased with our ping pong balls, please contact our customer care team right away and let us improve your experience.

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